DTC History




Prior  to 1991,  Revd. Peter Young (former Vicar of St. Paul’s and former Executive Director of Malaysian Care), had bemoaned the under-utilization of St. Paul’s Church Hall.  He mooted the idea of using the hall for a caring ministry.  Finally, in 1991, at  a Caring Seminar organized by the St. Paul’s Women’s Fellowship, (where Revd. Young was the Moderator), a mother of  an intellectually challenged child made a heart-felt  appeal for help. 

Following this, the Church PCC approved the starting of St. Paul’s DTC.  Malaysian Care was happy to help train and set up the DTC.


Ø  May 8, 1993 – In  partnership with Malaysian Care, St. Paul’s Day Training Centre for intellectually challenged persons was officially launched and dedicated by the late Anglican Bishop, the Rt. Revd. Tan Sri J.G. Savarimuthu.  

DTC Group 1 – The 1st batch comprised 12 trainees with mild learning disabilities who were  trained for 2 years.  The staff team was 2 teachers and a small group of enthusiastic and committed volunteers


Ø  October 1994St. Paul’s Social Club was started for persons with moderate intellectual disabilities. This Club meets monthly  for social activities and outings.


Ø  July, 1995DTC Group 2 for those with severe learning disabilities was started. 


Ø  January 28, 1996 – Prompted by Malaysian Care, St. Paul’s DTC expanded its services to provide Early Intervention to pre-school children (ages 2 – 6). Malaysian Care again assisted in the training of staff and setting up of the Centre. 

Bethel EIC, together with Bethel Centre was officially opened and dedicated by the Rt.

Revd.  Tan Sri Dr. Lim Cheng Ean. 


Ø  1997 – Again, in partnership with Malaysian Care, St. Paul’s DTC began Employment Support  to its ex-trainees and trainees on employment placement.


Ø  August, 2006 – The  DTC Workshop was started for trainees who were unable to work in the open market.  The first projects were card-making and jewellery.


Ø  22 February, 2008 – Under the DTC Worshop, the Tabgha Training Café opened its doors to a small clientele of 7 at the Coffee Terrace of Dewan St. Paul.  Presently, the Café serves lunch once a week, on Tuesdays.



We thank God that the DTC has been able to reach many who may otherwise never enter a church.

Since its formation 15 years ago, many have been led to Christ, including 2 families who have been baptized – a single mother and her 2 children at  Bethel Centre and a family of 4 at St. Paul’s. 

In the time that they were trainees at the DTC, 7 young persons have been baptized in various churches:

Felicia Fang & Chang Kok Woei – St. Paul’s, PJ

Leong Swee Lin – All Saints’, Cheras

Christina Yeoh Chor Keen – Full Gospel Assembly, KL

Anthony Tan – Imbi Road Chapel, KL

Natasha Dunford – SS Methodist Church, PJ

Eugene Lau – Life Chapel, PJ


On 26 December, 2004, we rejoiced when Irene Tai, a volunteer, was baptized.  We pray that she is the first of many volunteers who will come to the Lord through this ministry.


The DTC has seen God’s hand in its ministry and His provision for all its needs.


April, 2008

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