DTC 1 Camp 2012

   Drawing of Starfresh Agro Park by Andrew Chew

Just after the 19th Anniversary & Graduation, the DTC Group 1 Camp was held in Star Fresh AgroPark in Seremban.  22 intellectually challenged persons, 3 staff and 3 volunteers attended this camp held in a refreshingly different venue.  The Agro Park consists of 40 acres of orchard off the road to Kuala Pilah.  Altough the place is not very disabled-friendly, as it is meant more for active school children (domitory  accommodation -first floor – and common toilets on the ground floor), the management and staff are excellent – friendly and helpful.   The food is very good too.

Our young persons (present and ex-trainees) had a wonderful time playing games, putting up their own concert and visiting the farm.  There was also batik painting and paint ball target shooting.  In the nights, we used Mary Easaw Thomas’ book “Mr. Curryleaf Tree Discovers His Role” and talked about how each of us is special and loved by Jesus.  The campers loved reading the book and every spare moment, they were in the hall painting their own book.

We know that God was watching over us for there was no mishap (in spite of the uneven terrain) and when one young camper wandered away from the domitory at 2 am, he was brought back safely.

The camp came to an end with most of us buying fresh fruits from the park for our families at home.

Special thanks to Mr. Kenly and his parents Mr & Mrs Alex Chin who took pains to ensure that we were all well cared for.

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