21 Jan 1964 – 10 May 2004

 Wong Chee Ming was one of the first students of St. Paul’s DTC Group 2  (for the severely challenged).  He had Down’s Syndrome and no speech.  He communicated using gestures and sounds. 

 Chee Ming came from a Taoist background.  He was always happy and smiling, greeting staff and volunteers with a lovely toothless grin.  When we sang, he could not speak, but he kept a good beat and continually raised both his hands in praise.  

 On May 10, 2004, Chee Ming passed away, after choking on a plum seed.

In the morning , when Chee Ming was discovered dead in bed, his father, who is a non-Christian, said that he wanted a Christian funeral for Chee Ming. 

 Although sad at his death. We were extremely joyful to know the reason that his non-Christian family wanted a Christian funeral – because  they noted that Chee Ming was always happy in Church.

 I just want to praise God that Chee Ming  who had no speech was able to witness to his family about the joy he has in the family of God.

 Such a thing is God’s work.  God showed us that His love reaches the hearts of the severely challenged in such a way that their families can notice it. 


26 Oct  1979 – 8 May 2004

 Koon Yee was a quiet cooperative member of St. Paul’s Social Club.   She enjoyed coming to the Social Club with her mother each month.

St. Paul’s DTC organized a service of Thanksgiving for the lives of Chee Ming and Koon Yee on 31 July 2004.

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