Stories of DTC Trainees – Leong Swee Lin

Swee Lin's baptism at All Saints', KL 

LEONG  SWEE LIN  (trainee 1995 – 1997)

At the age of 17, Leong Swee Lin, a school basketball player and student of Kuen Cheng Girls’ School, was knocked down by a mini-bus.  The accident caused her to have poor memory and affected the mobility of  her right leg, causing her to use a walker.

Swee Lin joined St. Paul’s DTC in 1995 at the age of 28.  In 2000, her father passed away and soon after, Swee Lin was sent to live in Chesire Home, Selayang. 

In July, 2000, just before going to Cheshire Home, Swee Lin wrote this note (unedited for grammar etc.):

“I’m very afraid now because at 15th August, 2000, I will go to (Cheshire Home) Selayang learn how to work. 

You will or another people go to visit me at Selayang…. I also want to know at the place I will get desk, cupboard and bed to me?

Last time my father alive, hope me learn best in Selayang because like that I can work at Selayang and can live at there.


After staying in Cheshire Home for more than 7 years, in January, 2008, Swee Lin wrote

“God really help me, he give me two hand, I don’t want to waste it, so that I wash cloth by my hand, don’t need washing machine; one more great thing, because I be a Christian is good, my brother seen and follow me be a Christian too.  After sometime my family saw my brother and me very freedom and joyful, so my family all believe God.  Now my family very peaceful and joyful, thanks Lord.”

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