Stories of DTC Trainees – Chang Kok Woei

Kok WoeiCHANG KOK WOEI  (trainee 1995 – 1997)


My name is Chang Kok Woei. I am 28 years old, I am second of triplets, I have two brothers.  I‘m an   ex-trainee of  St. Paul Day Training Center    I‘m working in  Malaysian Milk ( Marigold Drink Factory ) as a Lift Attendant already 2 years.   I Used to work in Aktif Lifestyle Store ( The Mall ). Because  Aktif Lifestyle Store is closing down, so I don’t have a job so I going to find job on my own, I find only have a part time job in 2005.   Now  I know find job is very hard .

I would like to be a normal person but people don’t accept me , I don’t know whether I am happy or sad  Some  people always buff me or stare at me.

 In 1995 I joined Day Training Center, my teacher is Annam.  When I was in the DTC  I learn how to read and write English  and cooking and how take care of myself  and know about Jesus.

I very thankful to Teacher Annam and Teacher Judy.   Specially Teacher Annam because  last time I do not know how to speak English now I know how to speak English.

I thank God for bringing me to St. Paul DTC I can learn more difficult thing that I cannot do before. 

I accepted Jesus  in 1995.   I coming in St. Paul Church Service in 2003 and I was Baptized on 3rd  August,  2003.

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