Stories of Trainees – Esther Moo Shook Leng

    Esther Moo Shook Leng  

 (trainee 1993 – 1995)

Employment: Teacher’s Aide, Bethel Early Intervention Centre, Puchong Jaya

Back in 1992 my family had a lot of problems with me. To cut the story short I needed to be disciplined because of my bad temper and I actually did a lot of bad things, which hurt my parents. My parents did not know where to get help, but God was great. God showed us the way. Through a friend in an NGO, I was referred to St. Pauls DTC.

 Suddenly everything brightened up. Firstly I was so happy to meet so many friends. In a normal school, it was difficult for me to mix with schoolmates. I am glad that I can still meet up with some old friends from the DTC today although it is now more than 15 years. Thanks to St Pauls DTC for inviting us to come together from time to time.

 In the DTC, I was taught how to take care of myself. Things like personal grooming, social communication and playing games together. All these things can help us grow up as independent adults. To make things interesting, we even had simple cooking lessons. It was fun because back home, my parents would not allow me into the kitchen.

 Things are improving here. Today St.Pauls DTC even have a cafeteria, a workshop for handicrafts to make custom jewelry and so on. It is so exciting for the students.

Finally I like to thank Ms Annam and all other teachers and volunteers who had dedicated themselves to operate the DTC, so successfully. Thank you.

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