Stories of Trainees – Felicia Fang Yann Yann

  Felicia Fang Yann Yann

(trainee 1995 – 1997)

Employment: Office Assistant, St. Paul’s Church, Petaling Jaya

 I went to St. Paul’s Day Training Centre year 1995 – 1997. I was the 2nd batch of Day Training Centre students. My trainer was Teacher A. Annam. She taught me to speak politely, to cross the road, to take public transport, and also to count money. Teacher Judy showed me how to cook, and cleaned the kitchen after cooking. After DTC graduation, I was with   Kiwanis Job Training Centre year 1997 – 1999 until teacher  Annam helped me to find a job in Sunway College library. I was there for about one year. I did recording, and other general works.

 My second job also by the help of teacher A. Annam was in Tien Hwa Press factory. I did packing and other general works. I was there for about two months only. I was no good there because I could not carry the heavy boxes. So, teacher A. Annam found me another job in the photo-copy centre in Sunway College Library. I worked there for about two years. I learned to do photo-copying, and binding. I also did other general works.

 I joined St. Paul Church’s office from year 2001 until now. Now I work as Assistant Administrator. My job is to assist the manager to do typing, and other function by the computer. I also do faxing, photo-copying, check the stationery stock, filing documents. I also have to help the church Pastor and other church leaders to do some works when called for. My working hours is 8.30am to 5.30pm and my off days are onSaturday and Sunday.

 In 1999, I was baptized and confirmed in St. Paul’s Church. I was baptized by Ven. Archdeacon Samuel Charles and confirmed by Bishop Lim Cheng Ean. My family also baptized and confirmed in St. Paul’s Church.

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