Stories of Trainees – Eddy Toh Yew Chin

Eddy TohEddy Toh Yew Chin  (trainee 1993 – 1995)

 Employment: General Clerk, World Discovery Travel, Kuala Lumpur

Hi, my name is Eddy Toh Yew Chin and my first church was Life Chapel, and I  went to St. Paul’s Church for Alpha class and Boys’ Brigade.

I told my Mum I wanted  to be baptized to become a Christian but my Dad did not allow me to become a Christian and I go to St. Paul’s Church by Putra LRT and cab.

One Sunday, I was robbed by 2 drug addicts in Taman Jaya station after church.  I lost my watch and some money.  I still continue to worship at St. Paul’s.

I accepted Jesus Christ because He save me and I love Him as my Saviour.

Although my father did not let me to be a Christian, in my heart, I want to be a Christian.

Six years ago, my mother passed away and a few months ago my father passed away.  Now I can be baptized.

(Eddy’s father passed away in 2008 and on 26 May. 2009, Eddy was baptized in St. Paul’s Church)

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